How Well Do You Use Rubbing Alcohol? You Might Want To Learn A Few More Things Here!

So you don’t know much about rubbing alcohol except that it’s used as a disinfectant for skin wounds? Well, you’re about to get a real shocker!

The fact is, rubbing alcohol has actually more uses than just cleaning and disinfecting wounds. You’ll be surprised to learn that this good product can also be used as a cleaning agent. Actually, the fact that it’s useful in this way makes things much better for you because rubbing alcohol is very cheap and extremely effective!

Some heads up though: First, don’t use rubbing alcohol to clean your oven as it’s a flammable liquid. You don’t want to burn things. Secondly, this thing stinks really strongly, so be sure your room is well ventilated before you decide to use it. Thirdly, keep your mouth from rubbing alcohol. Don’t drink this stuff. It’s not the common alcohol.

For the 10 extra ways of using rubbing alcohol, you need to check out this video and see for yourself. You’ll be impressed, and that’ll make you want to SHARE this and drop a comment in the comments box. Do that!

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