I Watched Her Cut A Plastic Bottle, What She Did Next Is Something I Will Try Out!! Cool!

Plastic forms a large component of trash in most households. Water, soda and many other ingredients are usually packaged in plastic containers.

Most of us will dispose the plastic without a second thought. The good news is that we can recycle the empty plastics and use them for cool DIY projects.

Here are ten creative ways to reuse plastics. You will be amazed at what you can do with the plastics.

  • Making a pencil pouch: Cut the top of 20-0z plastic bottle. Attach a zipper and make the perfect pencil pouch.
  • Cut a 2litre soda bottle into half. Make pedals on the top. You have a cute snack holder for the next party.
  • Bakers will love this. It is now easy to separate the yolk from the egg white. Crack an egg and use the bottle to suck the yolk thereby separating the egg.
  • Cut the bottle into half. Place it the open end on a hot iron box. Add a few decorations and use it a jewelry holder.

For more DIY ideas on how to up cycle empty plastic bottles, watch the video using the link below. There are easy tips that are used to create storage devices for your pantry, candlestick or your office too.

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