Impress Your Friends With These Easy Gift Wrapping Hacks – So Clever!

What gift wrapping hacks do you have up your sleeve? The season of giving and receiving gifts is fast approaching. For those with poor or zero skills on gift wrapping, here are two tutorial ideas you will love.

For the project, you need:

  • Paper wrapping
  • Measuring tape
  • Gift

Paper Gift Pocket Tutorial

The paper gift pocket creates a built-in pocket that covers the gift perfect.

How to:

Lay you wrapping paper on a flat surface. Spread the gift on the paper so that it is covered entirely.

Fold the first corner of wrapping paper towards the center.


Fold the second corner. Fold the third side up, so that the gift is hidden. Tape it to hold the paper in place.


Fold the final corner and tape. Your gift is ready for delivery.



Quick Gift bag

The gift bag is ideal for oddly-shaped gifts.

How to:

Create a tri-fold board

Fold the bottom of the wrapping paper to create a base before a making a triangle.


Open up the triangles and fold in the tips. It will create two small triangles.

Tape it to keep the base in place.

Open up, and voila your bag is ready.

With a wrapping paper and a tape, create your gift bag. Did you like the tutorial? Watch the video for full details and SHARE on Facebook with friends!

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