In How Many Ways Can You Use Your Mouthwash? One? Wrong!

Listerine is one of the most popular brands of mouthwash, and you probably have it in your house. But have you ever stopped to think about any other ways you could use this mouthwash besides your oral routine? Let’s teach you something!

Well, what you didn’t know is that Listerine has more uses that just being a mouthwash. In fact, you can use it in 10 good ways to make your life mush better. Did you know that?!

  1. Throw Away A Towel

Soak a towel in Listerine and throw it into the trash bag. That gets rid of that foul smell coming from the garbage bag. Great!

  1. Put It On Your Canine

Turns out, Listerine has some properties that make fleas want to flee. You rub a little on this mouthwash on your dog, and you won’t see a flea on its fur again!

  1. Use It On Your Toothbrush


Your toothbrush needs some cleaning too, and Listerine can come in handy in that. Let your brush sit in a cup of Listerine overnight. It’ll sterilize quit well.

  1. Disinfect Your Washing Machine


Get ½ cup of mouthwash and pour it into your washing machine. Run a cycle. That’s all.

  1. Cleaning Toilets


Mouthwash can also clean your toilet.  It works like bleach. Pour a little on the bowl and brush it off. Great!

  1. Make Your Hair Wet

A young woman is standing in a bathroom and drying her hair with a towel.  She is looking at the mirror.  Horizontally framed shot.

Listerine was once marketed as a solution for dandruff. Rub some in your hair while its wet, and that’s it. No more dandruff!

  1. Get Rid Of Body Odor

Beautiful woman relaxing with closed eyes on blue sea background

Soak a piece of cotton in some Listerine and rub it under your arms. Perfect deodorant!

  1. Clean Your Screen


Your computer screen is dusty? Spray some mouthwash on it and rub it away. Sorted!

  1. Solve Itches



If you feel some itching anywhere in your body, just apply some Listerine on it. Itch relieved!

  1. Get Rid Of Acne

Young teenage woman with pimple on her face

Listerine can work as an astringent to clear acne.

       11. Soak Feet In It


If you’ve toe-nail fungus, this mouthwash can help you get rid of them. Soak your feet in it and love the results!


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