Instead Of Trashing Her Old Fridge, She Decided To Do This And “Renew” It. What A Trick!

So you’ve a fridge, and that good thing has lived with you for quite some time. Your fridge is aging, and you don’t feel nice about this, so you decide to turns things around. What exactly do you do?

Kelly Roberts, a YouTuber, has something for you. When her fridge got old, Kelly had no business entertain any idea to trash it. Instead, she decided to work on and revamp it on her own. Her idea is simple: Get some papers and cover up the fridge, then add some cool designs and make the whole thing appear all new and shiny again. You’ll love her for this!

You just need to take the measurements carefully so you don’t mess up the papers. Also, from the video, you’ll learn how to deal with those stubborn air bubbles sticking out on the paper as you pres it over the fridge surface. This lady has the solution for everything!

Check out the clip and learn this, and you’ll never have to throw out your old fridge. You must want to let your buddies in on this, so SHARE it!

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