It Was An Ordinary Wedding Cake, Then Suddenly, It Started To Transform. Incredible!!

Weddings are fabulous activities which come once in a while. The best part of any wedding is when time for cake cutting arrives. Everybody eagerly waits to see how the couples will cut it and it’s hard to fail to notice the type of cake.

In this particular wedding, all was perfect until something amazing happened when it came to the cake cutting part. Here was a huge cake in front of everybody. When everyone waited for the newly wedded couple to cut the cake, there it was! Many were caught off-guard by the turn of events. The white cake turned white with projected images from the Disney World. It was really a wonderful experience. This action added fun into the wedding and livened the occasion.

This modern cakes can narrate classic Disney tales. Please watch how the lighted images are projected in the white wedding cake, and the simulation is scrolled down the layers of the cake.

Take your time and take a look at this video, you will certainly have the urge to introduce the same technique in your wedding or party! Comment below your opinions. Never forget to SHARE this fantastic video with all your friends on Facebook!

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