It’s Spring And You Love Flowers, So Get Your Cheap Vases Ready…Like This!

Now that spring is here, you’re happy to be finally “re-united” with something you’ve missed for so long: beautiful flowers. That means you’re always thinking of how you can use those flowers to brighten up the mood within your house. One thing you think of is a vase – many of them for that matter.

Unfortunately, you realize that you’ve to fork out a few bucks to buy those vases, meaning that you’re using your money, and that’s not very welcome in this current economy. So you need the vases, but you would really like to save your money, what do you do?

It’s quite simple. You just need to make your own vases. You do that by transforming the look on some of the containers you already have lying around. In this video, we present you with 3 very simple types of vases you can make at your home.

With the expertise taught in the video, you can make any of these three:

  • Looking glass mason jars
  • Twine ribbon vases
  • Acrylic vases

Check out the full clip and learn how this done. Try it, and let’s know what you come up with. Don’t forget to SHARE this video on Facebook. Your buddies will like it!

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