Keep Your Mattress Clean And Fresh By Employing These Simple Tips

Have you ever sat down and thought if this; we need to finish the day on our mattresses, which is a 1/3 of our lifetime! This is a soft message to tell you that we should keep our mattresses clean all the time. In the clip below, brought to us by Melissa Maker, she says that mattress cleaning is not easy like taking a cloth and getting it washed in the washing machine just like that.

In the hack video below, Melissa teaches us some of the simple techniques of maintaining our mattresses clean and fresh. It is not a secret that a mattress can accumulate stains, dirt and even mites, a reason to keep it clean all the times because it is where we will be lying at the end of the day.

Of all the mattress tricks in the video, I was attracted with this one of deodorizing it. It is as simple as sprinkling baking soda at the top. The trick is that the baking soda and other oils are ideal for making natural deodorizers which will help in minimizing the odor.

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