Do You Know You Can Cook Bacon And Eggs Using Only A Paper Bag.. This Will Leave You Impressed!

Are you camping somewhere outdoors, along the beach or just outside your lawn? Then you will find the following trick to be just what you need. You will also get hungry in the process. If you can remember to have it in your back pocket every time you go camping, then camping will be a completely new experience for you.

All that you require to cook your dinner using this old campfire trick is:

  • A couple of eggs
  • One paper lunch sack
  • Fresh bacon
  • A fire
  • Hefty appetite

According to camping veterans, cooking without utensils has been a longtime tradition among campers such as scouts. It is kind of an adventure on its own and a novelty too. It teaches you a deal about heat management, meal planning and nutrition. It’s more fun than the hotdog on a stick or a marshmallow.

This brings a real new fun to outdoor breakfast. It’s something that you would like to remember next time you are not camping or want an outdoor breakfast as you take time of your busy schedule. Do you have any camping trick you would like others to try?  Post them in the comments below.

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