Learn Creative Ways Of Re-Using Your Old Garden Hose Pipe

What do you do with a garden hose that no longer works as it should? Before tossing it away, know it can be used elsewhere.

The garden hose can be recycled to make the following creations.

Insulator for naked wires

Cut the hose pipe to the desired length. Cut the pipe crosswise from the old pipe.

Slit the pipe lengthwise.

Fit the open and cut the pipe to the naked wires. It offers the perfect insulation.

Covering saw blades

We all know how dangerous some farm tools can be, like the saw. To avoid  cut accidents and prevent the blades from being blunt, the hose pipe acts as the perfect cover.

Measure the length of the saw blades. Cut the pipe according to the specific measurements of the blade.

Cut the pipe in a circular manner from the entire one. Slit the cut pipe lengthwise and fit it to the saw blades.


We all know the pressure created on our hands when we carry a bucket of water of plastic bags during shopping. Well, here is an easy hack.

Cut a section of the hose pipe. Cut it in a crosswise and lengthwise manner. Fit the pipe to the bucket handle.

Holding farm tools

Get a piece of wood. Drill eight holes .Cut the pipe to the desired length.

Fix the sections of the pipes to the wood using bolts.

Hang the piece of wood on the wall and store your garden tools.

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