Learn The Best Way To Clean Your Loofah – So Easy!

Shower times means using the loofah. Loofah makes bath time easy and relaxing.

Wait! Did you know that your loofah may not be as clean as you think? It is the breeding ground for bacteria and home to several pathogens too. Despite cleaning the loofah regularly, you can easily brush off the pathogens and bacteria.


How did your loofah get that gross? While the loofah leaves us clean, we leave all the dirt and bacteria from our dirty bodies on it. It may not cause life-threatening infections, but the germs can be passed to others.

An infected loofah smells of mold. You can either clean it or throw it away.

Here is how to clean your infected loofah.


Use 1:9 bleach to water ratio. Submerge the loofah for about ten minutes. Remove it, rinse, and let it dry completely. If you find cleaning it hectic, toss it away. Alternatively, use bar soap and water to clean it on a daily basis.

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