Learn To Make Gorgeous Candleholders.. I LOVE THIS!!

In the 1970 and 1980, the ceiling fan light was a classic décor piece in most of the homes. The traditional ceiling fan design has been replaced with modern designs. Where can you find the traditional ceiling fan light today? Probably, in the garbage or thrift stores!

Did you know you can re-purpose the old ceiling fan to create a candleholder? The project will take about thirty minutes, and you will need some wood.

The idea is to put a candle inside individual ceiling fan lights because they have a natural open bulb shape. It resembles a glass holder.

Construct a box where the individual lights will be placed. You can use an old piece of wood or plastic box. Drill a hole that is equivalent to the size of the smaller end of the candle

It is optional to decorate the box. Place some scrap wood at the bottom to prevent wax dripping in the platform box.

Put your candles in place, light them up, enjoy the light and warmth.

It is an easy DIY project that you will love.

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