Learn To Make Your Own Poo Spray – It’s What You’ve Been Missing!

Thanks to Clean My Space, we have a product to take away the awful smell that is associated with our toilets.

Doing away with the smell that comes from our toilets is one of the hardest thing to do. But losing hope is not an option since our guests will normally use that to judge us. The market has a number of poo sprays which can help us solve the problem but not all are effective and affordable. We had that in mind and decided to bring to you an efficient DIY poo spray.

To make this spray you will require the following items:

  • Essential oils
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Food coloring (though optional,)
  • Water

The clip below has covered the easy steps which you need to follow to come up with the DIY poo spray.

Having presented this, there is something I want to let everyone understand – some may think this product has a name which is not appealing, but it is better to have an ugly name rather than have the awful smell around us. I liked the end product since it is something you can put in your bag and use it while in the office or at a friend’s house.

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