Learn To Poach Eggs Using A Cling Wrap. Never Knew This Before!

I am not afraid to say that I really don’t know how an egg is poached. Extracting the soft yolk from the egg appears to be something extraordinary to me. What really amazes me is when I spot somebody opening the pan with care and taking out poached eggs with this ease. I do wonder what the trick is!

The procedure to follow is:

  • Take an empty cup and place a cling film on top of it.
  • Press it downwards to make a hole.
  • Pour a little oil in it and smear it all round.
  • Take an egg and crack it then empty it to the cup.
  • Lift the cling film of the cup carefully and twist it around and make a knot on it.
  • Put it into a pan of hot simmering water, and leave it to cook for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Lift it out from the water and its ready to enjoy!

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