Leg Shaving Mistakes To Avoid- You Need This!

During the warmer months, it is alright for the ladies to show off some legs. For the womenfolk, the legal hair removal is part of their beauty regimen? How do you get rids of the hair on your legs? Probably you have been doing the wrong way the entire time.

Dr.Oz points out some shaving mistakes that women make

Shaving in the shower

Jump in the shower, lather your legs and shave. That is wrong. Dr.Oz advises differently; wait in the shower for about five minutes before shaving. It will give the hair enough time to be moist. Secondly, scrubbing your skin will get rid of the dead cells and that makes shaving easy.

Dry shaving

Lathering up creates a smooth glide. Dry shaving causes razor bumps or cuts. Use a moisturizer, cream or water. The use of a bar soap is not recommended as it dries the skin.

Shaving upwards

Shaving upwards appears faster and easier. However, that goes against the grain. Shaving downwards reduces incidences of ingrown hair, cut, nicks and razor burn. Shaving downwards prevents hair growing in a curled up manner. For those with sensitive skin, downward shaving is ideal.

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