Love Flower Chains? Then Here is How To Make One – Clever!

Studying skills such as crocheting is easy courtesy of the internet. Laypersons can get fancy with their craft owing to the recording below tutorial. You can make a beaded lower chain after the tutorial.


  • A crochet hook
  • A ball of thread
  • Beads with a large hole to fit a crochet hook through


1.) Craft one chain darn and make it tighter.

2.) Chain one and take out your hook from the thread. Then place your bead on your hook and drag your current loop from one side to the other end of the bead and chain one to make safe.

3.) Chain one once more, followed by chain five.

4.) Pull your thread into the first chain darn that you’ve done before adding your bead and pull your yarn from end to end.


5.) Make a slip darn through the first chain you made by through chain five.

6.) Work into the chain space of five after chaining one. By singling crotchet six, make a three chain picot on top of each single crochet.

7.) For every single crochet, you’ve done, slip into it. Do this over and over again to make many picots which will act as your flower petals.

8.) After completing your flower you can make a slip into the first stitch you created to begin this round. You are done with your first mini flower

9.) To create the second flower, chain one and drag your loop up.

10.) Take out your hook and put on your bead. Move your loop through your chain one and bead and to lock.

11.) Use the above steps 3 to 8 to create more flowers.

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