Make A Rustic Floor Mirror Using Basic Tools – So Easy!

I lately arrived home to find my child with a culpable look on his face. After I had got to the sitting room, I found pieces of glass everywhere on the ground. He had broken the mirror. He still has not admitted anything.

Observably, I have to change it. I began by going to the store section. I did not get anything preferable. Either they had wrong measurements, or wouldn’t go well with my beautification.

I finally found the ideal project after some study on YouTube.

This is a very straightforward woodworking project. You require some tools to do and some area, but there is nothing difficult here. The completed mirror has a beautiful rustic appearance about it which will go well with my decoration and add something to the entry.

It will last for some time and therefore, my son will not destroy it too.  This will be a fantastic update to my home.

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