Make Something Awesome With Cardboard Rolls – You Need It!

Have you ever thought of a way to transform those cardboard rolls into something useful rather than just throwing them away? Well, there is you can actually make something beautiful out of them. The cardboard rolls are the best when you want to make candle sticks. They give you the flexibility to choose the length of the candle sticks. To get the desired length, simply cut the rolls to get smaller sizes or stack them to increase their length.

The next step is to glue them to a steady surface to keep the rolls from tipping off. Make sure it is a surface you can dispose, such as a cardboard. When the glue is dry enough, coat the inner surfaces of the rolls with oil. This will make them non-sticky when you pour concrete into them.

The next step is to prepare the concrete according to the specification of the cement package. Once the concrete is ready, pour it into the rolls, bit by bit. Regularly tap the rolls on a flat surface to get rid of air spaces. For the next few last steps, watch the video. It’s amazing how beautiful they turn out to be.

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