Make Your Life Easier With These Useful And Creative Hacks!

Do you need to unwind your masking tape? Do you hate it when it sticks to your hand? Do you just get tired of looking for its end when you need to use it after a while? Then there is a simple hack to help you out. Just attach a pin at its end. Roll the pin and tape over once as shown in the video, and you are done.

Do your shoes smell a lot after a simple workout? Take a moment and use your fabric softener to end that problem. Just take a piece and place it inside your shoe as shown in the video below and you are done. Do you need to quickly fasten your hair in a smart way? No problem, all you need is a button, and elastic rubber band. Tie them together as shown in the video and you will be good to go!

Do you need to light a candle that is already almost consumed? Just use a spaghetti stick as shown in the video below. You can use you clear nail polish to make sure that you button keep that original new sparkle they had when you bought your shirt. Just apply is as shown in the video below. There are a couple more hacks of these great hacks in the video.

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