Mix Garlic And Honey And Eat It For 7 Days When Your Stomach Is Empty And Experience This…

I rarely miss garlic as an ingredient when I’m cooking. As a versatile ingredient, using it in any savory dish is possible. Its aroma and flavor is something I absolutely love and you will find me putting in 5 or 6 in a recipe where only two cloves of garlic are needed. I never regret doing that since I’m aware of its health benefits.

By using garlic, you can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease ad heart attacks. Traveler’s disease, fungal infections, bug bites, the flu and common cold are some of the treats that the superfood can treat. Since it eliminates toxins and strengthens one’s immune system, many people eat it after undergoing chemotherapy.

Though we love cooked garlic, raw garlic is the one that offers the best results. It has been shown that when garlic is heated, its anticancer properties reduce and it inactivates alliinase- a key enzyme. That means you can maximize on its health benefits by crushing it while raw and eating it when your stomach is empty. Since raw garlic is pungent, the you have to try the following…

Chop up and then crush 2-3 garlic cloves and them take a tablespoon of honey and mix. You should also note that honey is also healthy and has anti-bacterial properties. By doing this from time to time, then your immune system can be boosted.

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