Need A Beveled Mirror At A Fraction Of The Cost? Do This!!

Bevel mirrors can change your deco experience for good. The only thing holding most of us back is the price tag. Change that and we will all be trying different styles to see which one works best for us. Well, this hack will not change the price tag at the store, but it will allow you to get it at a lower price. All you have to do is buy the materials listed in the video and follow the instruction given in the video. You will then be able to have your bezel mirror, customized to your own preferences, at the fraction of its price tag at the store.

Some of the things you need include glue, plywood, and the mirrors. Remove the stickers from the back of the mirrors. Next you have to add the E6000 glue to the plywood. This will allow you to permanently stick the mirrors to the plywood. After you apply the glue, place the mirrors on the plywood and keep aligning them as you add each mirror. You will want to add the glue for each mirror separately.

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