Need An Easy To Make Terrarium Lamp To Have A Perfect Spring? Here’s The Trick!

Are you jazzing up your office or home in readiness for spring? Are there plants in your plans? Well, that is expected for most people, spring definitely looks good with leaves and flowers. If you are however tired with the old year-in year-out flower pots and plants, we have a break for you. This is a simple DIY hack that will bring a new spark and light to your living area.

It is called a DIY terrarium lamp. What is it? This is a little glass case that allows you to have a garden inside. Mostly you find only cacti plants and sometimes succulents in these little glass gardens. This is because the first ones were be quite difficult to water. Watch the video to see one being built from scratch. It is simple and entertaining to make one!

Unlike the others that were difficult to water, this one has been made specifically to make it easy for you to water. Never the less, we recommend use of plants that need low maintenance be used. The important thing is the beauty not the work. Remember, you need to spend your time working smartly. This project requires that one builds a lamp. If you are not a nerd and you are under 18, you have to work with your parent. Watch the video first to get a list of materials for the project.

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