Need Some Extra Security In Your Room Door? Just A Simple Fork Will Do The Trick. Watch This!

I’ve been looking for a genius, and I just found one!

Phil Crockett is a good YouTube user, and he just came up with one thing we all need. He devised a very simple trick you can use to add some extra security to your room door, regardless of whether it’s a motel room, hostel or your own house. In fact, this trick works virtually everywhere a lock is mentioned, so it works on all locks.

So what is it? It’s just a fork.

You just get a dinner fork that has a few inches of two prongs, a saw and a vice. Bend the fork and you have your universal lock in a few minutes. The better news is that you don’t need to make a new lock every time you get into a new room. One is enough. You carry it wherever you want, and use it on any door you want.

Watch this clip and learn how to make this incredibly cool lock, and if you’re as impressed by the trick as we all are, SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!

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