I Had No Idea Vodka Can Be Used Like This… This Guy Keeps Surprising Us!

During winter, you might have used vodka to keep yourself warm and beat the chills, but is that really the only thing you know about vodka? You need some more!

There’s this guy with a YouTube channel, Crazy Russian Hacker, and he’s about to let you into a few secrets that you had no idea of about vodka. Turns out, vodka can actually be very useful in a number of ways besides making you tipsy.

If you’ve bugs giving you a headache in the house, you get some vodka and solve the problem. If you get stung by a jellyfish or Poisonous Ivy, you get some vodka and solve the problem again. In fact, these aren’t the only uses of vodka, as you’ll come to realize as you watch this video, so get ready for some real amazement!

Watching this, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the uses of this cool liquid are so basic that I almost blame myself for not having thought of it earlier!

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