Ornaments Plus Hanger Equals Wreath – You Can Do This!

Do you have any Christmas décor idea? Probably, you feel your old décor needs upgrading. This is perfect for you. All you need is a hanger and your ornaments.

Turn your hanger into something beautiful in no time. The trick is to untwist the regular hanger from the hook. Slip in your ornaments. The tip is to use a tape to hold the ornaments in place.


To create some cool dynamics, ensure the size of the ornaments varies. For the sake of Christmas, you can mix green, gold, and classic. However, there is no color restriction.

Wrap some shiny tinsel around the finished wreath. It gives it a nice finish and classic look. Have a holiday bow on top of the DIY wreath.

How do you hang the wreath? Use the hook of the hanger as it holds the wreath in place. Alternatively, snap off the hook and replace it with a ribbon pie.

You can use your wreath as a table centerpiece too. Place it in the middle of your table and place a piece of decor in the middle. A candle or lantern will work fine.

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