This Plant Will Keep Mice Away From Your House.. This is Brilliant!

When I was young, I lived in New York City and cockroaches that came from a neighbor’s house, roamed our apartment, and they always gave me creeps, but I was helpless. Even now, I hate finding pests in my house.

Even though I live in a cleaner city, I still have to deal with mice, spiders, and ants that cause a problem for me. But I recently came across this home remedy that can help keep them away without struggling. Ever since I brought this plant home, it has worked for me like magic, and I haven’t had any problem with spiders, mice or even insects.

Research has identified over 1.5 million species living things on the earth with humans one of the million species identified, and to make it even more disgusting, 2/3 of living organisms are insects. Though small, insects they help other living things to decompose after death. However, this does not mean we too need them in our lives. To human beings, they can cause more harm than good.

Just like I said earlier, there is a plant-based method which does not include poisons; you can use to keep them away from your home. It is a natural remedy, efficient and cannot harm your pets.

This plant is called fresh mint. The plant will not only help you in fighting pests and bugs, but it will also contribute to making your home smell good. To use the peppermint plant to fight pests and mice and bugs, you need to prepare a high concentration of mint leaf tea. Leave it to cool and store it in a spray bottle.  Use the concentration to spray every corner in your house including windows and doors.  The pests or mice will keep away from your home because a fresh smell of mint repels insects.

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