She Put A Rubber Band Into The Car Vent. Reason? Absolutely Brilliant!

If you are like most Americans, then you definitely like to use your mobile phone as a GPS. That is an awesome way to find your way around but there is a down side to it. If you have to constantly crane your neck to have a look at it, or just pick it up to a have a closer look, then that is bad. In fact, it is as bad as texting, which could endanger you, your family and other road users.

That is why someone cared enough to share this amazing hack and a rubber band is all you need. Take a rubber band and slip it thorough the vent using a screw driver. If you have any difficult doing so, just watch the man in the video demonstrate it. Just make sure one end of the rubber band goes through the vent above the other, with a spacing of at least two vent spaces.

Now use the two ends of the rubber bands to grip the top and bottom of the phone securely to the vent. That is all. You can tilt it if you want a more comfortable angle.

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