She Gets A Clothespin And One Other Thing. What Happens Next Will Send You Hunting For Clothespins!

So you have some clothespins in your house, but the only thing you know about them is that they can hang a cloth really well. In that case, you might have to stick around here to learn something new and much more exciting than hanging clothes.

Have you ever stopped in the middle of your room and felt that it really needed some fresh air? At that moment, your mind starts running wild about some other expensive air fresheners. Turns out, the clothespin is always waiting for a chance to save your day!

In this video, you get to witness the real power of a clothespin. This simple item can turn into an air freshener that leaves your room in the best state you can imagine of. So how do you use it? You get some scented oil, then you go ahead to use the clothespin as shown in this cool video right here. The trick is very simple to master and pull off. In fact, it only takes 30 seconds of your time to have your room smelling really good!

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