She Had $15, And You Won’t Believe What She Did With It. She’s A Genius!

One thing we can all agree with is that everyone, especially kids, love to swim during summer. Besides swimming, the kids can also do with a little creativity. So how about creating a water blob and having the kids play around it and enjoy their summer moments? Sounds great!

However, the trick employed in this cool video isn’t the usual type. Leisha at Homemade Toast has come up with the best way to create a water blob that won’t start leaking the minute someone starts doings things with it. This one is perfect, durable and mostly enjoyable. You’ll surely want your kids to get this!

The better part of all this is that it’s actually cheap. With just about $15, you can make the best water blob in the neighborhood. You just need to check out this cool clip and get to learn about this genius summer hack that’ll have your kids loving you some more. It’s actually fun making this!

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