She Places Some Used Tea Bags In Her Sneakers, Reason? I Will Always Do It!

There is nothing as useful as coming across new ways and tips of saving money and time. We normally come across them from time to time and when we do that, we always ensure we have shared them with you.

This year, I’m determined to deal with my coffee addiction and in its place I have decided to take a cup of tea on a daily basis. “The Savings Experiment,” was where the clip below came from and I have to say it has very important life hacks. Talk about genius tricks and ideas of reusing tea bags and you’re about to learn them within the clip.

Have you ever known that you can deal with skin irritation, scrape, minor burns and skin pains by using tea bags? By placing used tea bags against the affected area, the trick can be done. Your musty sneakers or gym bag can be deodorized with tea bags.

If all you need is life hacks to save your hard earned cash, then the clip below will be of great importance to you. This is a video which everyone has to watch and I wonder why I had to take this long to discover they really existed.

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