She Puts Some Floor Cleaner On Ornaments. The Result Will Amaze You!

The holiday season is here. It is the perfect time to decorate, and we have the perfect idea for you.

How do you plan to decorate your Christmas tree? What happens if you do not have a Christmas tree? Adding some glitter ornaments creates a sparkly flare on your Christmas tree. If you lack a Christmas tree, try the DIY idea on vases and glass bowls.

They are easy to make and are customizable. Additionally, you have the chance of choosing the glitter type and color as you please. The ornaments will impress your guests as they sparkle.



  • Craft Glitters
  • Clear ornaments
  • Glue
  • Napkins or tissues
  • Floor cleaner
  • Paper cups

How to

Remove the ornament tops’.



Place a small amount of floor cleaner on the ornaments. Use the paper cups as they control the floor cleaner being poured.



Cover the top of the ornaments using the tissue and shake gently. Pour out any excess before drying them.


As the ornaments dry, divide the glitters into the paper cups.

Pour the glitters to the ornaments.


Shake till the glitters and the ornaments mix thoroughly. Do not drain out excess glitter.


Cover the ornaments. Use glue so that it holds securely in place.


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