She Starts By Cutting The PVS Pipes, The End Result? I Need To Make The Same For My Shoes!

Piling the shoes at the doorstep of you house is not a good thing at all because it creates a bad impression to the visitors. Apart from that, it gets difficult to look for the shoes to wear when you want to go out again. In the life hack clip below, we will be learning on how to make a PVC pipe shoe rack which is an alternative to those expensive shoe racks at the store.

Materials needed are:

  • Paint
  • Primer
  • PVC pipe
  • PVC glue
  • Clamps

To proceed, you:

  • Trim the PVC pipes into 10-inch length. The quantity depends on the size of the shoe rack you need.
  • Get the pipes arranged in a triangle shape or any format you wish.
  • With the help of the clamps, hold the pipes and them mark with a pencil where they touch each other.
  • Wear gloves then proceed to apply some glue on the places marked with the pencil, then attach the pipes together again followed by clamping them again and leave to dry.
  • Remove the clamps and pain the shoe rack obtained with primer!

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