She Starts By Dipping Yarn Into Glued Water, The End Results? I’m Totally Amazed!

What amazes me are the day to day discoveries that people keep on making. For instance, I never knew that yarns could be used elsewhere apart from making socks and sweaters.

In the hack video below, which is brought to us by MADE Everyday, we are surprised to see what wonders the yarn can be used to make lovely things!

I was more than amazed when the presenter of the hack clip below by the name of Dana managed to make a lamp shade by using an inflated ball, glue, and a spool of yarn.

Once you have the necessary materials with you, the making process is not complicated in any manner, in fact it will be pure fun. The first thing to do is to mark on the inflated ball the openings where the light will pass through. Afterwards, just get some bucket of water and dilute the glue inside. Mix well and then dip the yarn ball into it. Remove it and start wrapping the inflated ball with the glued yarn till it is well covered.  Finally, leave it for about two days to dry up well before fixing the light fixture on it to become a lampshade.

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