She Takes A Clay Pot And A Bases. Now Watch And Learn Her Genius Trick. Beautiful!

There’s something you might not have discovered for so long, and today is the “D-Day.” You see, clay pots can be used for various purposes. In fact, you can turn your clay pots into some other pieces of art that make your space look even more attractive. Now, what if I told you that, with their bases, you can make some really cool cake stands or jewelry tower with clay pots?

Surprised? You’ll need some proof, of course, and that’s why this video is here to teach you one cool trick about clay pots. So here’s Jenny, from Show me Cute, and she wants to make something nice out of some clay pots. She has 3 Terra Cotta pots of different sizes – plus their matching bases. You’ll love her action!

Jenny takes the pots and glues their bases onto them, and then she paints them. The result is too amazing to even attempt a description. Those stands are nothing but beautiful! You must want to learn this. Check out the clip and see the full scene. Learn the trick and try it out on your own.

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