She Takes A Teacup And Makes The Best Bird Feeder. Watch The Cute Transformation!

There is nothing satisfying as waking up in the morning to the sweet melodies birds make. It is so natural and refreshing that you can’t help but feel blessed. However, you need to make it easy for birds to nest in your garden by giving them an incentive. One of the best incentives is free food. Yes, even birds love those free grains in a teacup feeder. Knowing that there will be something to eat, they will love your backyard, and start to build nests on that tree. From then on, you can be assured you will always get those sweet melodies each morning.

In the video below you are going to learn how to make those tempting nesting attractions for birds. To get ready, have a cup and its saucer, a metal hook, and sandpaper. Place the cup on its side on the saucer, handle facing up. Watch their point of contact and sand it slightly with the sand paper. Glue them together and give them at least an hour to stick properly.

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