Simple And Cheap Trick Of Turning Your Hair Into Beach Curly Using Coca-Cola!

Ellko, a YouTube beauty expert, is always inventing weird but amazing beauty tips to see if they function. In the following version of “Fail or Holy Grail,” she attempts the notorious “Coca-Cola Hair Rinse.”

The function of the “Coca-Cola Hair Rinse,” is to transform straight hair into a beach curly and shiny hair.  The trick behind this tip is that when your hair gel or salt spray is over, you can use a coke as an alternative.

In the clip, Ellko proves the concept to be real.  She in fact gets two bottles of Coca-Cola, and uses them to completely turn the texture of his hair!

I never knew that the coke could be used on other functions other than drinking it. I was even shocked to find out that the coke can be used to clean the sink and the toilet too!

Ellko confesses that applying coke on the hair is better off than having to weave your hair all night long or combing it. Another advantage is that its pocket friendly since it is a Coke.

Ellko supports the use of Coke saying that it is perfect and the outcome is superb. She said that she thought her hair would still be straight when she washed it out but she was surprised to find out that it curled.

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