Simple And Effective Way Of Removing Sticker Remains From Your Windows!

When you have a birthday party and you stick some stickers on the windows of the house, it looks appealing. But what comes afterwards is the stress of trying to remove them, as it is not easy. Many people have ended up scrubbing off the window panes with sharp objects to remove the stickers which have left them with ugly marks. So what is the way forward in removing them without encountering difficulties? In the hack video below, we will be learning of one of the most effective tricks of doing it.

What you only need is a can of bug spray and a cloth rag, of which I know very well that most houses have them. With them, the problem is solved!

First, you spray the bug spray on the sticker at the window and leave it for some time to soak. Afterwards, come with a rag and start wiping in a spiral motion till the sticker is no longer there. What an effective trick to use, as there is no force being required for that!

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