Simple Tips Of Folding All Types Of Clothes. Never Miss To See This!

During the weekends, most people take their free time to do a general cleaning in the whole house, which is a good thing. But a problem comes up when the times comes for you to organize the drawer. This is because as much as you can try to organize them to create space, you find that you have many clothes and most of them are hard to fold.

On the tutorial below, brought to us by Melissa Maker of Clean My Space, she shows us some best tricks to apply in order to maintain the organization in the drawers.

To fold a T-shirt, start by spreading it then folding the lower part 4 inches upwards, followed by folding the sides inwards. After that, you roll it up from top to bottom and lastly flip the lips over to secure the hands.

If you need to hang your jean trousers, then what you need to do is lay it flat on the bed and then put one leg inside the hanger and the other one too but the opposite side.

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