Simple Tips Of Getting A Messy Room Clean And Organized In 30 Minutes!

When you enter most people’s bedrooms, you will not be surprised to see a messy room whereby things are thrown everywhere including dirty clothes, shoes, blankets, sheets and many other things. If you note this in your bedroom, then that tells you that you need to do a cleanup activity which again many people never like.

In the clip below, brought to us by Melissa Maker of Clean My Space, we will be learning how to properly clean and arrange our rooms in a duration of 30 minutes.

The first thing to do is to get motivated in doing the cleaning because if you are not in the moods, then nothing can help. The second thing is to have the adequate items to use when cleaning like microfiber cloth, glass cleaning cloth, vacuum, mop, all purpose cleaner, trash bin, glass cleaner and many others.

To start cleaning, you:

  • First put all the things where they belong, pick all the garbage and perform a quick organization.
  • Start wiping and dusting the room.
  • Finish by vacuuming and throwing the trash then performing a check up to see that everything is in place and clean.

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