Simple Trick Of Opening A Lock Using Bobby Pins. So Easy And Efficient!

As the saying goes, all human beings are not perfect. I am quite sure that nearly everybody has ever closed the door behind him/her and only to realize that the key was locked inside. However it may seem as a silly mistake, most of the times we need the help of the locksmith. The outcome of this mistake is that you will have to spend a lot of time waiting for the locksmith to come and surely he will charge you some hundreds of dollars to see your door open once again.

The following clip is about how you can go on in the making of lock picks from the normal bobby pins and its usage. The majority of women walk with the pins attached to their hair, or in their purses. Men too need to start walking with them in the wallets. Just by practicing a few times, you could be able to open your own door in a moment, and you would be of help to someone in need. It’s surely a smart trick even though it can’t get you out of the jam.

Working at Night Hawk In Light, Ben recommends the ones watching to start practicing on some lock that is not vital to avoid spoiling the lock if performed incorrectly. He highly opposes the use of this tip by thieves and criminals, who are accustomed to breaking in through windows.

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