So You Hate The Fact That Your Pillows Are All Yellow And Dingy? We Got A Fix For That Too!

If you’re anything like me, then you hate yellowing, dirty pillows. I’m not talking about pillow cases, as you can always remove them and wash them. But the pillow itself is another trick that you would have to learn a few very deep secrets to solve its puzzles. So you’ve some pillows, and it’s long since they looked “new.” They’re losing their color and it’s really eating at you to see life working against you in that way. What do you do?

You’re lucky. One Good Thing by jillie has come up with one brilliant way of dealing with these notorious stains on your lovely pillow. The trick is simple, but you’ll need some things:

Laundry detergent – 1 cup

Bleach – 1 cup

Very hot water

Borax – ½ a cup

Powdered dishwasher detergent – 1 cup

Check out the video and follow the simple steps. You should be able to lighten up your soft pillows in no time. If this trick wowed you, drop a comment and let’s know, and then click that good SHARE button and let all your Facebook friends know about this. Cool!

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