So You Want Your Meat All Tender And Tasty? Here’s The Cool Trick You Need To Learn. Great!

I’ve been saved!

You see, I don’t like buying expensive meat- or rather I can’t afford it all the time – but I really love digging teeth into some good, soft steak. Of course the lack of it has been a problem, until this happened.

I came across this clip and I went out and sang a happy song. You know why? Because I no longer have to buy expensive meat. I just found a cool trick I can use to turn cheap meat into the softest piece of protein I’ve ever tasted. This guy, Jack, runs this good show, Cooking With Jack, and you can tell from the word ‘go’ that he’s a really smart guy.

In the video, Jack takes you through one process in which some “tough” meat turns into a soft and very tasty steak. He doesn’t use much. Just some salt does it well. Jack calls his video the “Poor Man’s Filet Mignon” because it really saves people like me a lot of bucks. He introduces this great tenderizing technique that works so well.

He even gets to match up a piece of tenderized steak against another one without the magic on it. You instantly get the difference.

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