So You’ve Been Trashing All Those Used BIC Lighters? Well, You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong!

You have some BIC lighters, you use them in lighting your stove, candles, or even the fireplace, and then you want to trash them because your ignorance tells you that they’re no longer of any value to you. Now, this good video is about to change your mind in a way that’ll make you want to gather as many used BIC lighters as possible. Just follow on!

You see, a new lighter pop will drain your wallet by $5 each time you buy, and you’ll agree that you need a lot of them. Now, what if someone told you that you can actually get a little creative and end up saving all that cash? That’s crazy? NO!

You can actually refill those lighters and re-use them. All you need is a normal lighter and some skill, and you’ll be already doing the ‘undoable!’

Check out this video and get to learn this ingenious BIC lighter hack. Drop a comment and tell us if you think it’s awesome, and also remember to SHARE with all your buddies on Facebook. It’s just great!

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