Storing Tiny Things Has Never Been This Interesting – Why Not Get Yourself This Cute Faux Marble Bowl?

Staying organized means a lot since it makes one’s life easy. By that I mean tracking the tiny things that we possess such as earrings, keys, change and rings will be an easy task. We are always looking for ways of making the life of our readers easy and as a result we have decided to share with you one of the ways of staying organized.

In the clip below, you will learn a simple way of making a decorative bowl for storing your tiny things. It is something you will love to try out since it adds some splash of beauty into your home. The main component for you will require for this project is marble clay. That means you will not be worried about dirtiness when trying out this easy DIY project. Though a simple project, people will be looking at it thinking it is expensive.

We hope you loved what The Sorry Girls prepared in the clip. Did you love this faux marble bowl and will you consider making one at home? You can let us know about it by leaving your comments below and remember to SHARE with your family and friends!

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