Take Some Pieces Of Wood And PVC And Make Affordable Clamps. Great!

If you love working with wood and creating stuff out of it, then you already know that a clamp comes in handy in such “operations.” The second fact you know is that buying a clamp is an expensive affair, one that could potentially hurt your wallet in bad ways. You would obviously want to avoid that.

But how do you avoid buying a clamp when you still need it for your woodwork? It’s simple: You make your own cheap clamp – right at home and with the most available materials. That sounds good!

In the video here, you get to watch as this guy uses PVC to make a 40 cent clamp that still works fine. In fact, the process is simple and straight-forward. In less than a minute, he makes a clamp. A perfect clamp!

You want to know how to do this too, so get ready to watch this clip to the end and try it out on your own. If you get as amazed as we all are over here, then go ahead and SHARE the video on Facebook and let all your nice buddies check it out too!

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