Tea Turned Cloudy? Don’t Lose It Yet. Try This And Thank Us Later!

You make some tea, but you can’t drink it all, so you decide to put the remainder in the fridge so you can enjoy yourself later. You can back that “later,” and you get shocked. Your sweet tea is now cloudy and ugly. What do you do?

Now, one thing about any good tea is that it’s always nice and good-looking when it’s clear. Everyone loves clear tea. However, if you happen to put the tea in the fridge while it’s still at room temperature, don’t be surprised when you open that fridge and find cloudy tea. But is that really the end? Are you drinking your tea or not?

As much you would want to get rid of the cloudy tea, just don’t. There’s a way you can fix that, and it’s easy and fast. All you need is some water. Hot water. Just add some to the tea and voila! Your tea is now clear. Magic?

Check out this clip and see the trick in action, and if you get really amazed, drop us a comment. Don’t forget to SHARE this incredible hack with all your Facebook buddies. People need this!

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