The 3-Ingredient Solution Is All You Need This Winter – Make Some!

Winter comes with its fair share of challenges. Beside the cold nights, we have to deal with the snow menace. Snow and ice hamper movement and may cause falls.

How do you keep your sidewalks safe during winter?  How do you prevent your family members from tripping and falling because of the ice and snow on the sidewalks? The ice and snow during winter make sidewalks slippery which may cause falls and accidents.

To melt the snow on your sidewalk this winter here is a simple remedy that will save your life. Here is a three-ingredient solution that will melt the snow. Additionally, they are readily found in our homes.


You will need

  • Water-half a gallon
  • Rubbing alcohol- 20z
  • Dish soap-6 drops


Pour the dish soap to the half-gallon of water.


Add the rubbing alcohol to the mixture.



Shake thoroughly till well combined.


Pour the solution on the slippery sidewalks. The soap and rubbing alcohol will melt the snow away. It keeps your sidewalk free from falls during winter.




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