The Next Time You Clean Your House, Look Out For The Following Spots

Despite the amount of cleaning, mopping, and scrubbing, some stubborn germs will find a permanent home in your home.

While some sections of your home may be easy to clean, there are some areas that can be hard to reach. Such spaces deserve your undivided attention too. Although the germs may not completely disappear, it makes such places presentable.

Here is a list of places that form a breeding ground for germs and grime in your home. They include:

Refrigeration Drip Pan


The drip pan collects the condensation drop by drop. In the long run, it creates a black mold characterized by discolored water. To avoid the messy build-up, clean your fridge pan on a monthly basis.

Washing machine


I bet you did not know that the rim lining your washing machine harbors a lot of germs. Additionally, the fabric softener dispenser has a black smile too. To clean the mess, open the machine lid and leave it open. Using bleach and toothbrush, clean the slime.



Water accumulation under the bathroom mat results in mold formation. Also, the suction cups in the bathtub are a germ suspect. Use a toothbrush and bleach to clean the suction cups.

With that knowledge, do an inspection around your home. Please watch the video below for full details and SHARE on Facebook.

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