There Is More Into A Watermelon You Need To Learn… Watch This!

Which style do you prefer when slicing your watermelons? Are you on of those who cut them in wedges? Well, you’re not alone; I was also there sometimes back until I came across this clip.

Do you have a culture of celebrating the National Watermelon Day? You simply need cool tricks to ensure you enjoy your melon over summer in style.

You know how messy the wide wedges can be since whenever you take them; it’s inevitable to prevent their juice from spreading over your chin and face. You only need to start cutting the melon into half and slicing it in a grid is the next step. You end up with evenly sized slices which have a convenient handle. Once you have the end product, you will only notice it when you’re almost through – I doubt whether you will be patient enough for the guests to arrive.

The video below demonstrates how every step is carried out. There are still other tips you still need to know now that you’re a pro when it comes to cutting a watermelon. When you are 21 years and over, you can pour some tequila or vodka into the watermelon if you’re in need of a unique treat. You can make it more refreshing if you put it in a freezer for a few hours.

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