There Is More You Can Do With Used Plastic Bottles – Pure Ingenuity!

It is reported that in the year 2015, more than 22 billion water bottles were burned or dumped and ended up harming our planet in one way or the other. While recycling still remains the best solution when it comes to dealing with plastic bottles, there are still better ways of reusing them. You can decide to get creative and use them in your house. By doing that, you end up saving our environment and saving some money you could have spent in the long run. The clip below covers 5 great ways of getting creative with the used water bottles.

Did you know by unscrewing the lid and cutting the top of the bottle you can end up with a funnel? What about making spoons from the plastic bottles? All you need is a knife or scissors and the clip below to be a master in the technique.  And what about making a cup or laminating and customizing a glass jar with the plastic bottles? Just watch below to learn the 5 great ways.

Do you have other great ideas of using water bottles? We will love it if you share them with us by commenting below.

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